Knowing and understanding the knowledge of your patients concerning the challenges they face with their previous frames/lens will give you directions on how to educate them on the new frame/len you are about to pick for them.Assisitng your patients in finding a frame and lens combinations that corrects their visions and assists them with their visual needs and requirements.

At Chadderton Opticians, we want our patients to have the clearest and best vision and protection in all different ways they use their eyes in their daily lives.


Eyewear selection always begin by reviewing the patients prescription, followed by a precise and gentle request of  information from our  patients on what they liked or disliked about their previous eyewear. Questions regarding the look of the frame and the functionality of the eyeglass will be  asked; If they have to lower or raise your head to see clearly. These and many more questions will be asked by our optical stylist when selecting a frame/len.

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