Eye Examination

Having an eye test is a key part of keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

At the beginning of an eye examination, our optometrist will look closely at all aspects of vision and eye health, ask why you are having your eyes examined, whether its a routine checkup or for a specific reason. If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or vision our optometrist will need to know what symptoms you've been having or you've had, how long you have had them and whether any changes have happened suddenly or slowly over a period of time.

Our optometrist will also need to know about your general health and if there's any current medication in use, or do you have any close relatives with any history of eye problems. You will be asked about your previous glasses or contact lenses. In addition, Our optometrist will ask about the kind of job  you do and whether you play sports or have any hobbies.

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