Meet The Team


Optical Assistant

Rifat is an optical assistant. She has been in the optical practice for over a year and a half. Her flair for fashion drives her in ensuring that patients look to fit in their desired frame and a designer choice of the eyeglass.


Senior Dispenser and Stylist

Karen has been with the practice for 10years now. She handles individual appointments and optical styling. Moreso, she keeps up to date with all modern and fashion trends.


Clinic Coordinator and Assistant Practice Manager

Amrin has been with the practice for 10 years plus. She has worked for the likes of VisionExpress before joining us. Her duties include arranging all of the clinical aspects; looking after all the optometrist that come within the practice, making sure that all the optometrist protocols are up to date.

Optical Intern
Practice Manager

Sameena is a student due to study optometry at the University of Bradford.  She's been with the practice for a year now and currently in training before her University career. She's always been interested in optics and helping people. Healthcare is a passion for her, and she's found a way to give back to society through optometry, which she sees as the right choice for herself. Sameena enjoys interacting with the local community and will also love to be an inspiration to others.

Hisham has been a lab technician for 15 years; he's also been doing optics for over 15 years. He handles all IT software within the practice. Also, he deals with all complicated queries and complicated prescriptions. He's qualified to do rimless glazing and half rimless glazing.

He did his pre-reg with the practice which is very rare because of most pre-reg's leave. His major reason for staying back is his love for the patients. He's been with the practice for over 10years now. And throughout his stay in the University career, he's been coming to the practice to help. He's a valued member of the practice and the public loves him.

Aisha Mateen

Aisha is a lady optometrist. She's been with the practice for 3 months and she's enjoying her role within the practice.

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